Sunday, 17 July 2011


1. Going into business for yourself is not as difficult as is often supposed "Sacrifices", while you must be prepared to make them, are not always, in the fact, made and may turn to be easier than feared. Enormous talent is necessary; and as a matter of fact, may sometimes turn out to be a liability.

You will find that engineering, sales, and business experts" usually can be employed when needed. There is enough professional help available, on both a part-time and full-time basis, when you need it.

2. At no time in the economic history of Nigeria as an example have the conditions been so right for starting a new business. Imported goods and services and so many country today are too costly because the money has fallen very low in value. Practically everything in the market is very expensive, mainly because they are imported as finished goods, or the raw materials with ambition can find at least a product or service he can find the money and time to produce.

3. There are companies and individuals all over the country with great skills that will design, manufacture, and package your product, to your specializations. You don't need to invest fortunes in capital equipment or personnel to get started.

4. Dealers, distributors and retailers abound in the market to help you market and sell your products. In fact there are many people working in other companies who have experience and who in other companies who have experience and who are dissatisfied with their current ranks and positions, or with their pay or conditions of service, and who will therefore gladly jump ship to assist you in your new exciting venture, once you make a pitch to them.

5. The federal and state government are instituting a lot of programs to help small business this happens in soon many countries.

6. The personal and professional risks of a new enterprise are rather less than normally imagined or talked about. And besides, if you are unemployed you probably have little or nothing to lose.

7. Starting a business doesn't require as much experience as you might think. Naturally, business experience and contacts are usually important assets. However, the person who goes to work for a large company to get 10 or 15 years of solid experience before starting out on his own is just fooling himself. With a few notable exceptions , most big companies find themselves working upward through a functional specialty, such as manufacturing, accounting, research, or sales, gaining experience that is negotiable only in that or a similar company Enthusiasm, vigor, energy and the skin of a crocodile are for more valuable than the " many years of experience" which are all often the same year repeated several times over.

8. Finally, consider this: starting a new business is more fun than almost anything else. Of course, you're going to have to work long hours. Nights, weekends, holidays. The big difference is this: instead of immersing yourself in someone else's organization and struggling with its problems and making its owners rich, in new venture, you create your own organization (With its own problems) and run it as you think it should be run.

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