Saturday, 30 July 2011

Business is about people

Products and services enhance the well-being and stature of consumers. Thus, if you didn't figured it out yet; haven't anyone notice that business is all about people.

In all areas of business whether it be selling, management or marketing, people even those who are internally related to the business play an integral part in the decision making process. More so, despite the fact that business firms are run for profit, they work on achieving one noble mission - to make the customers feel that they have done the right thing in terms of their buying decision.

Ultimately, business firms will give much concern on people whether it be employees, customers and other people within the company's network. The essence of every kind of business endeavor is motivation; motivating your employees to work harder, motivating consumers to buy from you and motivating investors and creditors to do what you want them to.

Nevertheless, a great amount of focus should be put upon motivating people, creating goodwill and maintaining healthy business relations.

Motivating People

In business or perhaps in all aspects of life in general, the best weapon we can wish for is knowing where to get at anyone. Each man has his own thumbscrew and all men are idolators. Thus, business firms should be critical at knowing the people's likes and dislikes. It isn't a coincidence that product innovations are done with regards to the specification of consumers.

Likewise, employees who are treated fairly would, as a sign of gratitude, work harder to impress the management - eventually, those kinds of attitudes will result into back and forth love-giving, creating not just a company but a family.

Creating Goodwill

Goodwill perhaps is the most underrated factor in a business' success. Goodwill is defined as some kind of a prudent value, an intangible asset which can be worth millions. Hence, it's so important to create goodwill among customers and employees. Needless to say, business relation doesn't end after the sale has been made or the payroll has been released.

In order to generate much needed goodwill, customers must be treated fairly regardless of their race or social class. Complaints must be treated promptly and of course; the paying customer is always right with regards to employees, making them feel special and making them feel that they are part of the company's success by giving awards and bonuses will work wonders.

Maintaining Healthy Business Relations

Building business relations is hard but entrepreneurs should understand that it's harder to maintain such healthy business relationships. Inevitably conflict will arise that may or may not ruin business relations and the task of damage control is up to the manager or owner to execute.

Management should know how to compromise and deal with problems voiced out by long-time customers. Customers are friends and losing a long-time friend will hurt everyone of us, one way or another. One thing that should also be given consideration in maintaining healthy business relations is socializing with customers, employees or networks.

It could be done through trade shows, fairs, office parties, meetings or simple seminars - it's like hitting two birds with one stone; first checking on your network and second, opening opportunities for the growth of your network.

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